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If you are looking for Rewiring service for your home, then call Black Cat Electrical. We are fully licenced electricians providing outstanding and affordable service. Black Cat Electrical offers a reliable and comprehensive maintenance and repair service that is perfect for homeowners, commercial property managers, body corporate managers and strata managers alike. With extensive experience servicing both residential and commercial clients within the local Canning Vale area. Our qualified team offers a variety of services.

Rewiring Service Canning Vale

If your home was built before the 1960’s then there is a high chance that your home has old rubber cabling or cotton sheath cabling. This needs to be changed as over time this breaks down and can be dangerous to not only your home and to the people living inside your home.

There is a big chance that there is no earthing to the power and lights which can also be dangerous. Some of the key indicators for when your homes electrical system needs a re-wire Canning Vale are:

  • Lights dimming at night
  • Metal conduit
  • Outdated fuse box
  • Cotton sheath cables
  • Round pin plugs
  • Black outer rubber cables

Wiring Services Canning Vale

At Black Cat Electrical, our licensed electricians provide electrical wiring as part of our electrical services Canning Vale. Call on us for the highest quality wiring work in Canning Vale. We’re ready to work with all homeowners and businesses on projects small to mid sized.

We can even take on large contract jobs to help aid general contractors on multi-building projects. When you need quality electrical wiring Canning Vale, call Black Cat Electrical for a service you can trust.

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The Local Electricians Canning Vale proudly operates as a local electricians Canning Vale. No matter your electrical issue, our fully equipped electrical technicians will be dispatched immediately to any Canning Vale region. At Black Cat Electrical Local Electrician Canning Vale is an electrical company built with passion and commitment. Our passion goes all the way back to school, where we were introduced to this trade and have fallen into love with it ever since. We work professionally with a dynamic structure that continuously improves team spirit. By maintaining the highest level of quality and awareness in all of our services. Call Us today at 0407 427 428 to receive an over the phone quote or some friendly on the spot advice for any Electrical concerns!

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